Gas Tester Training

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The course will teach the attendees how to safely operate a gas tester.  The course covers the properties and effects of a variety of gases.  As most dangers with gas involve confined spaces, the hazards and procedures are also covered.

Delegates will know how to use the gas testers and have awareness of hazardous effects of gases.

Course Contents

  • Checking calibration and switching on procedures
  • Types of gases and their effects
  • Confined space hazards and procedures
  • Safe practice procedures
  • Different gas tester types
  • Emergency procedures
  • Gas safe limits
  • Entry procedures
  • Flammable and Toxic atmospheres
  • Low and High levels of oxygen
  • Learning from past accidents

Course Duration and Certification

This is a one-day basic awareness course. Upon successful completion of course, delegates will be issued an IHSEC certificate.

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