Train the Trainer – The Art of Delivery

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This course prepares individuals in becoming outstanding trainers and deliver effective and memorable courses. It prepares trainers interested to enhance their delivery skills to take advantage of established training methodologies such as Accelerated Learning.  The programme includes; comprehensive instructions, exercises, home assignments, assessments and demonstrations to prepare delegates efficiently.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate your training capability by presenting a short course
  • Use Accelerated Learning principles and suitable instructional methods to deliver effective courses
  • Sequence the course structure based on best practices in line with established learning methodologies
  • Present your training content effectively while employing established learning principles
  • Use training tools in line with human perception capabilities to maximise information transfer
  • Increase learning based on Cognitive Training Model, training theories and memory patterns
  • Take advantage of multiple channels of communication by exploiting the environment, using body language and training aids
  • Use powerful questioning techniques, increase delegates’ participation, coach and handle difficult situations.


Upon course completion delegates will receive an Accredited Certificate

Course duration: 3 days

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