Accredited Train the Trainer Programme

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The Train the Trainer qualification is accredited by ASCB, one of the world’s leading international accreditation bodies, respected for its integrity, practicality and impartiality. ASCB belongs to the Global Accreditation Forum (GAF), an international association for accreditation, which promotes best practices in quality assurance worldwide. This recognition means that the Train the Trainer qualification is recognized internationally.

The Train the Trainer programme is designed to a very practical level aims at developing awareness and understanding of and reflection on issues relating to techniques & styles in training/ presentation at different levels of interaction.

The delivery technique can range from training to informal “talks” at staff meetings, to presenting lengthy, complex, critical information to an audience in an auditorium. This program is aimed at encouraging individuals to take a constructively critical approach to develop their personal teaching and presentation skills.

The three-day intensive course is very much hands-on and delivered on a practical level, requiring attendees to evaluate their own skills & resources and to identify strategies for continuous self- assessment and development.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the structure of preparation – audience, venue, pre & post presentation
  • Identify and adapt to a styles and attitudes
  • Make appropriate use of training facilities and resources
  • Identify strategies to maximise reception and understanding of target  knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours
  • Ensure that the learning intervention addresses specific individual and/or group needs
  • Provide appropriate, effective and constructive feed back
  • Use techniques to maintain control of and motivate groups and individuals
  • Deal with audience reactions
  • Have basic understanding of body language
  • Effectively supervise, delegate, manage time, coach rather than tell, neutralize conflict and promote team spirit.

Course Contents

MODULE ONEPreparation and Techniques

  • Pre Preparation – Selecting and using resources and facilities
  • Application on Delivery of Presentation
  • Post Preparation
  • Techniques on Questions & Answers
  • Control Stage Fright

MODULE TWOHow to Ensure Successful Training

  • Review some presentation fears
  • Discuss how to deal with them
  • Share tips for adding dynamics to your workshops
  • Personal and professional development

MODULE THREESuccessful Communication

  • Unspoken language – Body
  • Read gestures in clusters
  • Cultural awareness

Certification and Duration

On completion of the course, delegates will be issued an ASCB-Approved Certificate. The duration is 3 days.

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